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Class is in session!

Today is a great day! The class that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks has been approved. Sooooooo, you may be asking what the next step is. It's time to start working on finding salons to host the classes. I'm sure this may be making you ask what exactly you'll be learning in the class. Here it is in detail!

This class is based around the idea that you all want more color placement ideas. If you are like me, I'm looking for ways to speed up my foiling because, well, it doesn't end there. The color is also about toning. In fact, toning makes or breaks a color. Just a little bit of warmth and some clients are shouting, "ORANGE." We need to have time to tone, but something has to give.

Also, we often times have clients who call us a few days before an unexpected special event and they want in our books. We need to make them look refreshed, but get them out the door fast. There's definite need for express foiling techniques.

That, in a nutshell, is what this class is about. We will be taking five sections of hair and learning four different techniques on those sections. The first section starts with a look that's pretty conservative, the second section spices it up just a little more, the third section becomes a little more bold, and by the time you get to the fourth section, you'll have learned a very fast, but also very bold technique. The other great thing about these techniques is that you'll also learn how to turn them into an express service for those clients you need to get in and out.

Once we've tackled each placement, we're also going to be tackling some toning. A lot of times when we lift our client's hair, we lift them to whatever thirty minutes gives us and we go from there. What if the level eight we NEED happens in fifteen minutes? We'll go over how to manipulate formulas and applications to adjust our efficiency. (In fact, you'll get to try ten, twenty, thirty, AND forty volume lighteners so you can see exactly how they work!) Back to toning. Did you know that there's actually tools out there to help you lift and tone? What if you pull your foils and think to yourself, man, I wish I would have let that ride to the next level? There's a product out there to help you lift and tone in one application. Or, what if you are lifting and you notice that the midshaft seems to be the right level, but those crazy ends seem to be a little warmer and aren't budging (hello, quarantine box dye!).

That business happens and it drives us OCD stylists insane. We'll go over a little technique to tackle those ends right at the end of the toning process.

You may have noticed that I stated that there were five sections of hair we'd be working on, but I only talked about four. That was on purpose. The fifth section is artist choice. As you're working on your mannequin head, you may think to yourself, "What if I did this?" "What if I did that?" Here's your chance. If there's a certain lightener you want to try or a placement or a toner- here's your shot. It's yours to decide what to do with it.

In addition to all of the above, there's also some little techniques that you'll learn along the way. Here's just a few:

  • How to comb out teasy lights and not get punched by a client

  • Tools to preserve the integrity of the hair while lightening

  • Glue and feather

  • Root smudging

  • Multi-toning

  • Choosing a teasy comb

  • Using undertone swatches to help with toner formulation

  • How to make sections more or less bold

  • You have these new skills, now what?

If you're interested, I have posted four videos on my Instagram page (@whatsnexteducation) that will give you a sneak peek on what's coming your way. Stay tuned for more information on what will be included in your artist class kit as well. Until then, if you're ready to get on the list to host this class (with CEU hours too!), just reach out to my very favorite sales gal, Clare Schwartz at (815) 871-2577, and she'll give you the hook up.

Be back with you soon with more details!

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