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Dip your nails from the comfort of your home!

Contact me to order your kit!


Explore the SNS Nail retail products here!

My salon uses only SNS products for nail care.  If you would like to dip your nails at home, I recommend SNS for you as well.

Kit dip colors available:  DZ005 , DZ010, DZ012, DZ017, DZ019, DZ020, DZ023, DZ024, DZ026, DZ027, DZ028, DZ030, DZ042, DZ051, DZ053, DZ054, DZ055, DZ056, DZ058, DZ060, DZ062, DZ063, DZ071, DZ072, DZ083, DZ086, DZ101, DZ107, DZ110, DZ113, DZ115, DZ117, DZ118, DZ135, DZ139, DZ143, DZ260

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