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What else is next?

Sometimes I’m blown away by opportunities. When DreamCatchers reached out to me a few moons ago to become an educator, my first reaction was “me?” I worked myself through those thoughts that have honestly been my biggest challenge only to realize that education is truly something I’m passionate about.

I have that moment again each time I think about developing classes for ProSalon and when I talk to Nick and Clare, and especially when Nick gave me the biggest compliment to one of my colleagues; “She‘s going to be an even better educator than I am!” Wait, what?

I had those little thoughts, but I had the mother-load of that thought with a new opportunity that Nick presented to me on our last zoom call; becoming a platform artist for Oya Beauty at the ABS show in Chicago in September. I was in SERIOUS awe when Nick told me that he was in charge of scheduling educators for Oya and he asked me if I would be interested in teaching 1-2 classes. I was so much in awe that it really truly was hard to focus on work the remainder of the day. I was all out of sorts and so humbled by the thought that little ol “ME” could be trusted with such a task.

It reminds me of the moment when I watched my friend, Joanna, accept the award for best installation at Battle of the Strands. She said, and I’m paraphrasing, “to all of you cosmetology students that are having people tell you that you can’t make money or go anywhere in cosmetology, they’re wrong.“ I cried when she shared that, and now I’m living it.

This opportunity is still a work in progress with many details to be worked out, but here’s what I know so far. I’ll be teaching a class on either Saturday or Sunday (and hopefully both!) dependent on what the schedule looks like. I’m hoping I have my model booked, and now it’s time to start working on the technique that I will teach.

This is where YOU come in, stylists! If you could learn one technique with color, what would it be? Foiling? Toning? Balayage? Creating depth? Foiling smarter not harder? I want your opinion! Just enter your comments below and let’s start the conversation. I want to teach what YOU want to learn.

Stay tuned here for more information on what’s coming up with Oya and the ABS in Chicago!

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